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Unique Focus on Service Industry

OWW believes that the growth in service industry in Asia will mirror that of manufacturing industry.  The key driving forces are globalisation, shorter technology cycles, improvements in communication infrastructure and economic growth.  Asia is well equipped to capitalise on service outsourcing due to its abundant and educated labour pool, language skills and low cost structure. 

OWW has a deep understanding of the dynamics of service businesses as well as the global trends spurring it.  Portfolio companies can leverage on OWW
's experience in nurturing growth companies, strategies formulation and adoption of best practices. By focusing on the service industry, OWW aims to build a cluster of leading service providers, with each company deriving synergies, benefits and potential mergers and acquisition opportunities from the cluster.


OWW has established an extensive network spanning East Asia that includes service industry experts, its sponsors and their network, its institutional investors and portfolio companies, many of which are listed corporations in Asia.  Portfolio companies can tap on this network to catalyse business growth and expand their Asian footprint.

Deep Understanding of Asian Entrepreneurs

With over 10 years of investing in Asian entrepreneurs, OWW has gained deep understanding of the entrepreneur's aspirations, motivations and considerations when working with a venture investor, translating into an alignment of interest of both the entrepreneur and OWW to achieve superior performance.

Over 10 Years of Investment Experience in Asia

OWW has
experience in the full venture capital cycle of investment, monitoring and divestment.  OWW has made more than 60 investments in East Asia and achieved more than 20 exits through IPOs or trade sales.


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